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Employee Termination: A 12-Point Checklist for Network Security Protocol

Employee Termination: 12 Point Checklist for Network Security Protocol

Sometimes, employees need to be “let go.” Usually an uncomfortable situation, certain measures should be taken in order to secure company data and intellectual property. While a manager and staff typically know when this is going to occur, sometimes such a situation happens suddenly. In either case, keep this 12- Point Checklist for Network Security […]

4 Types of Network Firewalls for Small Businesses

60 Second Rundown… Proxy Firewall—Creates a gateway between your network and the Internet, providing enhanced privacy and security. Stateful Inspection Firewall—Individually tracks network connections with dynamic packet filtering.  Unified threat management (UTM)—Brings together a strong defense against many types of malicious activity.   Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)—Actively identifies and blocks malicious attacks. Firewalls have been around for […]

Working from Anywhere: Making the Shift to a Remote Business

60 Second Rundown…  Who is working from home? Remote work is popular among knowledge workers–both young and those close to retirement. Shifting to a Remote Business: Work with stakeholders to outline a work-from-anywhere strategy that fits your business. Outlining Policies and Guidelines: Employees need clear instructions that become habits over time. Holding Regular Meetings: Maintain […]

Head in the Clouds: How Small Businesses Benefit from Cloud Computing

60 Second Rundown… What is the Cloud? Cloud computing happens remotely, rather than on-site.  Hybrid Cloud Computing: A combination of cloud- and premise-based services is often the best solution for growing businesses.  Everything as a Service: The depth and breadth of cloud-based services has bloomed to incorporate infrastructure, platform, and more.  Advantages for Small Businesses: […]

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