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Employee Security Awareness training

How do you train employees on new technology?

Start with subject-matter experts who know the technology backward and forwards. Develop hands-on training sessions that demonstrate the key features that the employee will use. Follow-up with technical assistance as needed. If need be, outsource to a knowledgeable trainer.

Employee security awareness training for small business needs to include security awareness and employer usage policy. It’s also important for the workforce to understand the line of business software your company uses as well as the resources and considerations on the specific network. It takes time for people to learn new email systems, computer networks, and collaboration tools. With the right training, employees will use the system effectively and safely.

Expert Trainers

Use subject matter experts for technical training. Trainees can tell when the instructor doesn’t know the subject or isn’t enthusiastic. The teacher needs to know your specific system inside and out to answer questions that arise. For example, the line of business software is important for employees to understand, and most LOB companies offer training for their products. Likewise, when employees need to know about resources on the company server, they need someone who already knows the ins-and-outs of the network. 

Stay Relevant 

Employees need to know why cybersecurity is important and what are the specific risks to your company. There’s no need to get into the nitty-gritty detail of how hacking works. Instead, introduce security awareness in a way that is impactful, meaningful, and useful to the staff. Too much unnecessary information tends to overwhelm people. Approach training from the user’s point of view. Focus on how they will engage with security issues they may encounter in their day-to-day job, such as:

Follow-up and Assistance

Overtime, people can forget things they learned at employee training. Give regular reminders about workplace cybersecurity. Schedule a few follow-up sessions to address questions that arise and check-in with individuals to identify problems. Inevitably, some employees will be more tech-savvy than others. Leverage knowledgeable users to help those who are having trouble. Designating a few people as training leaders boosts enthusiasm and confidence. This way, co-workers know who they can turn to when they need help. 

Outsourcing Employee Security Awareness Training

An uninformed workforce is one of the biggest cybersecurity risks for your company. Without employee security awareness training, all the firewalls and antivirus software are less effective. Even managers and owners need training sometimes. Seeking outside help from industry experts will help your employee I.T. training efforts. At SMB Support Corp., we can evaluate your systems, project budgets, and train employees. We’re here for you every step of the way—call 908-895-0273 for a consultation.

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