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Office worker leaving their job with belongings in a box and a plant.

Sometimes, employees need to be “let go.” Usually an uncomfortable situation, certain measures should be taken in order to secure company data and intellectual property. While a manager and staff typically know when this is going to occur, sometimes such a situation happens suddenly. In either case, keep this 12- Point Checklist for Network Security Protocol in a desktop folder for easy retrieval.

While all items should be completed in the following checklist, some are grouped together and should occur as simultaneously as possible. If you need a partner on this important task, we are here to help.

12-Point Checklist for Network Security Protocol for Employee Termination

Clients typically contact us in advance for such procedures and on our end, network-related tasks can be accomplished precisely with scheduled timing. Intellectual property is the lifeblood of a company and we are here to help you protect yours. Contact us to discuss this important matter further.

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