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How to Know It's Time to Buy a New Computer

Is your trusty sidekick of a computer giving you some trouble? Are you thinking of replacing it with a new model but unsure of what to do? Many signs can clue us in that our devices are ready for either a full replacement, repair, or upgrade. Read on for some tips on how to know it’s time to buy a new computer.


We’ve all become quite accustomed to a fast operating system. Startup, shutdown, and the switching between tasks should be fairly quick and seamless. If there is a sudden drop in the operating speed of your computer, some common culprits include:

  1. Applications on your computer may be causing a decrease in speed. A common issue is the accidental installation of two anti-virus apps. 
  2. Proximity to internet access. Sometimes a weak signal is to blame. Moving closer to your wireless router is a solution. You may also need a WIFI extender (this isn’t a reason to update your computer though).
  3. A slow uptick first thing in the morning and then regularly expected speed can indicate that your computer is running updates. Consider if you need to keep all the applications on your computer. Also, consider whether or not you need to purchase newer versions so updates are not so cumbersome.

Poor Battery Life

Many of our devices are meant to be portable and yet that convenience disappears if you are often finding the need to be plugged in or charging more often than you’d expect. A laptop battery lasts anywhere from 3 to 10 hours depending on settings, modes of performance, and the age of the battery.

An Old Operating System

Operating systems are designed for just 10 years and most software companies stop providing support at that amount of time. This is a serious security exposure and something that should be resolved right away. 

Loud Fan/Noisy Processor

This is a signal that the hardware is overworked. If you hear a consistent hum, or any random or loud intrusive noises, the internal fans are operating and could cause the device to overheat.  Consider blowing air to get rid of dust which causes poor airflow.  Compressed air can be purchased at office supply stores.

Crashes, Freezes, Processing Errors and Malfunctions

Consistent crashes, freezes, processing errors, and malfunctions are definitely something to contact us about right away. Take screenshots, note times of day (particularly if there has been a pattern), and any information that you can provide us so we may diagnose as quickly as possible.

The Device is Old

A $600 -$700 computer should last about 5 years just operating general software, email, and Microsoft Office. 

Problems could arise if a person took such a computer and then added a new and “heavier” software like AutoCAD or Photoshop. Heavier software, like the aforementioned, requires a more robust computer with a video board so in this situation, a standard computer is not enough. Consider spending more on a computer which can have it last 7 to 9 years.

Even Your Tech is Having a Hard Time Fixing It

We don’t always recommend a new purchase but…sometimes we have to so as to keep you up and running. Sometimes it’s actually time to buy a new computer.

Sometimes You Just Want a New Computer!

No judgment! We totally understand the feeling of simply wanting a new computer.

Contact Us!

We’re here to help! Reach out for support and we’ll get you up and running or guide you in your purchase!

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