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60 Second Rundown…

2020 brought many unique challenges to small businesses in New Jersey and across the world. Many small businesses were not prepared for a sharp increase in remote work. Moreover, the economic slump has put security improvements on the back burner. Hackers are looking for ways to exploit vulnerabilities brought on by the pandemic. As we move into 2021, there are several security hotspots to keep an eye on.  

The Vulnerability of Remote Work

Telecommuting is the way forward for many small companies. Even after COVID restrictions lift, many businesses will continue work-from-anywhere policies. Employees often find it more convenient to use their own devices (and saves money for the company). Personal devices are continually not monitored by the I.T. department, giving hackers inroads to sensitive data. A firm remote-work policy should direct remote workers to use 2-factor identification, regularly update passwords, and turn on automatic updates. 

New Twists on Old Scams 

Scams have always been around. But now cybercriminals are using the COVID-19 pandemic to their advantage. Attacks coincide with major news such as economic relief packages, spikes in cases, and new drugs or vaccines. Instead of claiming to be a Nigerian Prince, phishers claim to be government agencies sending out stimulus payments. Educate employees on how to avoid scams. 

Attacks on The Internet of Things

The adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices is on the rise. Businesses use various tools to track the supply chains, remotely capture data, and manage infrastructure. Unfortunately, many of these things lack the robust cybersecurity of traditional internet-connected machines. Hackers will target IoT to access the network. A separate system adds an extra layer of protection against hacking

The security technology of the past may not be enough going forward. Cybersecurity is like a game of tug-a-war. Malicious actors are always trying to get ahead of security technology while I.T. managers try to predict and block what might come next. By watching the trends, we have an understanding of what to watch out for in 2021.

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