Network Design

Designing or upgrading a network takes a consultative approach to align the desired capabilities of data demand to the strategic growth objectives of the business. The end result must be innovative and practical. This includes assessing legacy hardware, software and network wiring that can be repurposed, reconfigured or replaced.

​We work with your in-house staff to generate several network design solutions that will grow with the business. Once we implement the plan, we test the network in stages until it’s integrated fully and performs as agreed. Before the project is completed, we train your employees on best practices to avoid security breaches.

Network Wiring

There’s more to wiring than drilling holes and connecting hardware. A trained technologist with a breadth of network design knowledge and an understanding of your business growth goals will get the job done right the first time.  

​A trained I.T. professional is the best choice for this service. You will get quality, precision, and savings compared to an electrician.