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Have you been using the same passwords forever? If so, it is time to change them, after all, they are the keys to your security.

A Recipe for Strong Passwords 

Hackers and bots are very adept at retrieving passwords. Here is how to be sure to create strong ones:

When to Change Your Passwords

For personal use, Jon Conant, President and CEO of SMB Support Corporation suggests changing commonly used passwords every 30 days. “For my corporate or company clients, I suggest every 30 days. We often remind clients of this important security procedure when we are working with them and we assist them directly,” he said.  “I also suggest employing other techniques like multi-factor authorization—which is a multi-step login process where users are asked to enter a password and will then be prompted to input a code or another type of identifier as well.”

Other situations prompt immediate changing of passwords both for individuals and companies, such as:

Final thought: Your passwords are the modern-day version of a set of keys. They are your entrance into daily life—both at home and at the office—and a principle source of securing your work, valuables, and intellectual property. Create them well,  use them wisely, and try not to lose them.

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